"Learning Events" are web-casts, Skype conferences, video streams, or physical conferences around technology and learning. You can use this wiki page to participate in or to schedule an event.

We could really use a good Google calendar of ed tech conferences--anyone know of one? I'd also really like to find a way to have Google Calendar read the RSS feed for TappedIn and include it. Does anyone know how to do it? The link for TappedIn is to the left. We could also use a system for adding ad-hoc UStream events--not sure what to do there (see Miguel Guhlin's Diigo group EduStreams for now.)

The current calendar includes:

To subscribe to the Google Calendar, use the link at the bottom of the page . You can send an email to steve@hargadon.com either to add single events, or to have your Google calendar merged below. If you want to schedule an event using the Classroom 2.0 Elluminate Office, please email steve@hargadon.com.

Events are shown in EASTERN TIME, but if you subscribe to the calendar, it should convert to your time zone.